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Transforming Relationships

Thursday 23 September 2021

The Transformation Relationship series is well underway within the East Midlands and Eastern Region (EME). The aim of this digital event is to increase awareness of how to engender trust in you, with your work colleagues and wider teams; as well as focusing on your wellbeing and how that could become an advantage in 2022.

In this session...

This event with Helen Helliwell - Director Armed Forces People Policy, Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Nicola Fear - Professor of Epidemiology, Kings Centre for Military Health Research, drills down into the wellbeing aspects of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us as individuals, as well as teams. Throughout the pandemic people's mental health had been majorly affected which has had an impact on team coherence and their dynamic. Our guest speakers will highlight areas that we all can relate to and find key issues which can be reflected on and used to your advantage in the future.

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Transforming Relationships

Exploring the wellbeing aspects of how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us as individuals, as well as teams.

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