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Work-Ready Graduates: Building Employability Skills for a Hybrid World

Tuesday 28 September 2021

CMI carried out a deep dive investigation with employers into what the key employability skills were and how graduates need to be able to evidence them. 97% of employers confirmed there were 11 key employability skills - do you know what they are and are you confident your students are graduating work-ready?

Liz Spratt, Head of CMI’s Research and Insight Team will be discussing the findings of this key piece of research with HE partners including Dr Dan Berger, Deputy Dean of Anglia Ruskin University, Professor Jillian Gordon, Director of Learning and Teaching at the University of Glasgow, and Matt Swarbrick, Director of Partnerships will be explaining what CMI is doing to help bridge the gap and provide your students with all the tools they’ll need to be a candidate of choice and succeed in a 21st century workplace.

In this digital event...

Explore the 11 key employability skills needed to become a work-ready graduate.

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