The Quality of Working Life Report (July 2012)

The Chartered Management Institute/Simplyhealth report, The Quality of Working Life 2012, surveyed over 1,000 managers in 2007 and 2012 and paints a bleak picture of the impact of the recession on UK workplaces. Compared with 2007, managers today are: working longer hours due to larger workloads; increasingly suffering from ill health including stress and depression; and more likely to come to work despite being sick.


Major findings include:

Organisational Change - Some 92% of managers had experienced organisational change in the last year – including major change such as organisational restructuring (83%) or compulsory redundancies (42%). 

Unpaid overtime - The average manager now works around 46 days unpaid overtime per year – up from 40 days in the 2007 study. Some 60% of those working overtime feel they had no choice because of the volume of work, and 29% worked long hours because job cuts had increased their workload.

‘Presenteeism’ rises – 43% believe people don’t take sick leave when they are ill, a marked increase from 32% in 2007. Managers also believe organisations are less tolerant of people taking sick leave.

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Report information

Published: July 2012


Professor Les Worrall FCMI is Professor of Strategic Analysis in the Faculty of Business, Environment and Society at Coventry University

Professor Cary Cooper CBE CCMI is Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School


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