Regional News

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Upcoming events...

CMI Northern Ireland board are looking to deliver the" How to" and "Secret to Success" series of events across the province over the next 12 months.

07 September 2018


Mentoring. We need you!

Join or learn from our more experienced managers and leaders.

07 September 2018

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Calling all Consultants...

WANTED: 2 volunteers to help us develop and deliver an interesting schedule of events.

07 September 2018


North West Events Programme

The Regional Board is keen to offer a range of professional development activities for both our younger and more experienced members. We are also keen to engage with our partners in the HE sector and ensure we have some useful activities to engage you.

07 September 2018

Diversity and inclusion at work

A great new blog

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Adrian Gaskell
04 September 2018

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Chairman's update

Read about the latest news in your area.

30 August 2018

Terry Corby

Welcome - Terry Corby CCMI

Welcome to the new South West Regional Chair, Terry Corby CCMI

30 August 2018

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We Asked, You Answered

We recently surveyed the members in our region about our events programme and were thrilled to have received 330 responses. We've collated the responses to inform our event planning going forward.

22 August 2018

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It Pays to Have Your Say!

Prize draw winner gets complementary show tickets.

09 August 2018

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Mentoring We Need You!

CMI Mentoring is an online service where our more experienced managers and leaders share their skills and experiences to help others further develop their management skills.

09 August 2018