Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating with our members is very important to us here at CMI and we are continually reviewing our methods and processes to ensure that we continual improve in this area.

We receive a number of questions from our members through a range of mediums and although we endeavour to respond swiftly and in an open and transparent way, some members may miss these questions and answers because they use another method of communication from the one via which that particular question originated.

For this reason we have created this FAQ page on our website, where we will upload both the questions we have been asked about membership engagement and the answers provided.

We will update this page to include new questions and answers as they come into to us.  We will also provide links to this page from our social media streams i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Regional Board member appointment processes

In the spring of 2012, members were elected (by online vote) to the various Regional/Devolved Nation Boards.  Casual vacancies, caused by members stepping down, are filled by appointment – with candidates expressing an interest in serving, being contacted by the Board Chair and their appointment endorsed by the rest of the Board.  In 2015, members who have served since October 2013 will come up for re-appointment for a further 2 year term.  These re-appointment processes will be discussed in the coming months by the Regional/Devolved Nation Chairs, with a formal announcement made as to the exact process to be followed, with the projected timescale.

Regional/Devolved Nation Board composition

Each Board is made up of the Chair, a maximum of 11 members (across CMI, IC WiM), with places for 2 co-opted members (aimed at bringing in additional expertise and ensuring that the Board reflects diversity within the membership as well as encompassing sufficient representation from IC and WiM). 

The chair selection process is unclear

Regional/Devolved Nation Chairs are appointed posts.  This is a process agreed by the former Forum Chairs’ Committee in late 2012 and has been applied to the first full round of Chair appointments in early 2013, as well as to the filling of casual vacancies.  In every instance, the vacancy and opportunity to serve is advertised via stand alone email, e-newsletter and/or LinkedIn, with a full explanation of the role.  Candidates submit a CV and a short statement as to why they are interested in, and the skill set they can bring to, the role.  Candidate interviews are then arranged.  The first set of appointments was conducted mainly by face to face interview, held around the UK.  The more recent rounds of interviews have been conducted over the telephone.   The interview panel consists of a member of the Board of Trustees, a current Regional/Devolved Nation Board Chair, and members of the executive team (usually the Head of Member Engagement and Institute Secretary).  A pre-interview briefing note is issued, ensuring that members can prepare well and know what to expect from the interview.  The panel decision is usually communicated to candidates on the day following the interview.

1/3 of chairs have resigned this year (as at Aug 2014)

There are a total of 13 Regional/Board Chairs – London and South East Board having 2 Co-Chairs.  Over the past year it has been necessary to appoint a new Chair in 5 Regions.  This figure includes the 2 current vacancies in North West and East Midlands. The reasons for the resignations have been varied and have encompassed (a) pressures of work, (b) illness (either personal or family-related, and (c) moving out of the country.

How do I get involved?

All members of CMI, IC and WiM are able to get involved through our Regional and Devolved Nation Board and networks. 

To find out which Regional area you are in, whether it is the areas you work in or reside in you can follow this link which will direct you to the 12 Regional/Devolved Nation areas

From here you can find out more about the Regional Chair, Board members, News, Events and a link to the LinkedIn group.