What kind of networker are YOU?

16 September 2011 -


It is often overlooked that in the animal kingdom of networking, the gatherers break down into different species. Here are some you may have met – and may even be


CAT: You have clear-cut goals. You quickly identify those people who can serve your needs and develop immediate relationships with them, while avoiding wasting time on others.

LABRADOR: You are naturally sociable and friendly, but unsystematic. You may be unaware of the scale of your contact base and the potential benefits that it has to your organisation. But your innate warmth means people take well to you.

ORANGUTAN: You are considered and strategic, but look to develop relationships for long-term benefits rather than short-term fixes.


HOMING PIGEON: You avoid meeting new people and tend to stick with your own colleagues.

RABBIT: You’re a nervous type who, when faced with unfamiliar groups, feels uncomfortable – and makes it obvious.

PIG: You’re married to the buffet table. It’s almost impossible to chat to you as your mouth is usually full.

LIMPET: You locate a friendly face and, once you have struck up a conversation, remain with that person all evening.

BUTTERFLY: You flit about from person to person to such an extent that no one ever gets to know you.

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