Webinar alert: The Right Tools for Communication

12 August 2014 -


Tune in on 19 August to soak up wisdom from a leading expert on borderless workplaces, who will help you address the challenges you face with projecting your voice across your business

Matt Packer

In the field of communication, our current business climate requires managers to perform a daily octopus routine. As well as having to keep track of workflow among employees on adjacent desks and floors, bosses must also reach out to other divisions of their companies, key contacts at client organisations and personnel at third-party suppliers – all to keep the commercial wheels turning.

It is increasingly rare in a globalised environment for that process to be restricted to just one country.

Given that series of challenges, it’s essential for managers to familiarise themselves with, learn and fluently use the full range of communication tools at their disposal. They must also take care to use the correct technology for each specific task, to ensure that their instructions get through to the employees who are responsible for actioning them.

With all that in mind, at 11am on Tuesday 19 August CMI, in association with Citrix GoToMeeting, will hold the webinar The Right Tools For Communication – featuring David Smith, global director of virtual learning solutions at borderless-workplace specialists TMA World.

Attend this live, interactive webinar and learn how to:

Go from being digitally literate to digitally fluent  

Work together with others using virtual tools and systems  

Generate shared understanding across any distance

To guarantee yourself access to David’s wisdom, book a place on the webinar by clicking on this link, and fill in the registration details. The session will last for 45 minutes, and there will be a Q&A afterwards. It really is worth carving out the time from your morning schedules to take part – the benefits could well make you think in a whole new way about how you use technology to manage.

Find out more about David Smith at the TMA World site.

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