Plaudits for "range and diversity" of Professional Manager

31 July 2014 -


Feedback to Readers’ Survey shows that CMI’s flagship publication is striking a chord with members on all fronts

Matt Packer

Whether in specific sections or across broader themes, Professional Manager is playing a vital role in helping CMI members to feel part of the organisation and to engage with topical issues in the field of management and leadership. That’s the message that has come through loud and clear from the magazine’s latest Readers’ Survey, which sought feedback on issues published over the past 12 months.

In one reader’s view, the information provided “is on the right wavelength, to the extent that when I read through, it revitalises my inner manager! Also, it makes me feel part of the CMI tribe”. Another credited the magazine for the “range and diversity” of issues covered and the “balanced perspective” provided. The book reviews, this reader added, are “always helpful in determining which books to purchase”, while the size of the magazine makes it “small enough to fit inside my laptop case”.

“Being a civil servant,” wrote one member, “I found the recent interview with Gus O’Donnell especially interesting – although other interviews have also caught my attention. But I basically enjoy the magazine as it is, and do actually read it from cover to cover.”

“It is lucidly written and easy to read and understand,” said another, who also pointed out: “it is a good publication for management students. I pass my copy on if it contains relevant information to students interested in following a career in management.”

One reader even noted that the magazine spurs a three-step lifestyle plan, saying: “Just by arriving on a regular basis, it reminds you

a) to take time out of hectic schedules to reflect;

b) that you don't know everything, and

c) that things keep changing… faster and faster!”

With that in mind, said this individual, the magazine provides “a sobering, regular prompt to learn!”

Members also found themselves gravitating to particular sections – for example, one who wrote: “I particularly like the work-problem page, where advice is given on tackling the issues people face at work. The advice is given in a straightforward manner and is always practical and likely to benefit the person facing the issue in the long run.”

Others hopped around to collect kernels of wisdom that will help them in the boardroom. “The magazine is packed with so much good stuff,” said another reader, “that after reading it, I dip back into it and mark off articles or reports of interest to my team and share them during meetings. I also like the introduction to new management ideas or concepts – I research more online to gain a better understanding of them for use in my day-to-day role.”

Read the latest issue of Professional Manager here.

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