Webinar today: having the courage to do what is right

18 June 2014 -


Session provides some invaluable critical insights into how to address moral dilemmas in the workplace 

We have all at some point faced ethical dilemmas at work. Times when our sense of what is morally acceptable has been challenged by the time pressures of business and the ever-more intense demands of improving the bottom line. 

It is in these times that we often decide to swallow our misgivings and take the plunge into a decision we may think better of later. But there is an extent to which we can approach these crunch moments with the same sense of morality that we apply to every other area of our lives.

Today at 11am, CMI in partnership with Citrix GoToMeeting presents How to work out what’s right – and find the courage to do it: a webinar with Professor Roger Steare, best known in the business community as the man behind The Corporate Philosopher website.

In his session, Roger will explain his concept of MoralDNA™: a technique designed to help you map the values and assess the culture and integrity of the people in your organisation.

To join the session, just log in via this link and enjoy the discussion.

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