3 team building ideas to give your team a lift

07 December 2015 -


Boost motivation and productivity in your team by trying out these great tried and tested team building techniques

Guest blogger Jamie Ross

Keeping your staff motivated and happy makes solid business sense. With research showing engaged employees are a massive 87% less likely to leave their companies than disengaged colleagues, putting motivation and wellbeing strategies at the top of your list is a must.

What can cause demotivation in the workplace? Some of the main triggers are:

  • Unsustainable workloads
  • A lack of engagement
  • Boredom
  • Feeling underappreciated or not getting recognition

For all companies, at one time or another, a malaise of some kind will undoubtedly set in. It can start small and spread around, or be massive and sudden, perhaps triggered by a worrying company announcement.

Whatever it is and however it forms, demotivation among your employees is not something you want. Here are three changes you can make to your company culture that can help improve motivation among your staff.

Do activity workouts

It’s thought there’s a link between being active and increased motivation: exercise can help boost self-worth and help people feel more confident. Encourage your staff to get active by:

  • Taking out some corporate gym memberships
  • Building walking into the working day - why not go for a walk in the park for this week’s brainstorm?
  • Heading off one afternoon to do something fun - like skating or trampolining at the Better Extreme skate park

Our infographic on working out explains the physical and mental benefits of exercise in more detail.

Run a buddy scheme

If resource allows, consider setting up a colleague buddy scheme. Team people up from different departments and let them learn more about each other’s roles. It’ll make their working week that little bit different, help them learn more about a different branch of the company and help them feel generally more involved.

Run a regular rewards scheme

Running a quarterly rewards and recognition scheme is a great way to boost motivation and keep team members on board. You could set aside a bit of money to give away as a prize for hard work, or offer treats like spa days and restaurant trips.

Jamie Ross is a project manager for Better Extreme

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