CMI webinar to tackle difficult talks with remote workers

03 February 2015 -


Avoiding awkward conversations with staff who work outside the office is not a strategy for sound management. This forthcoming online session will offer best-practice tips for a constructive approach

Matt Packer

Fans of social media storms and US sports would have picked up on the errant tweet sent by NFL stars the Seattle Seahawks last month – the day after the team’s dramatic comeback against rivals the Green Bay Packers. It’s fair to say that reaction to the post was every bit as explosive as the victory itself… but not in a way that the Seahawks would have liked.

For reasons best known to the individual concerned, the Seahawks’ social media head tweeted a photo of player Russell Wilson in floods of tears, superimposed with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr – ostensibly, an attempt to mark the annual US holiday held in honour of the late civil-rights leader. The tweet instantly met with scorn, with many online critics slating the team’s decision to link a successful game of football with the persistent struggle for racial equality.

The controversy that raged over the tweet throws up a couple of major management points. For one, it’s highly likely that the employee who tweeted the image was working remotely. And for another, you can bet that the incident would have triggered an incredibly awkward conversation between that staffer and Seahawks bosses, prior to the team’s eventual move to delete the tweet.

Difficult conversations with remote-working staffers are events that few managers would relish, but all would have to confront at some point in their careers. Apart from dealing with reprimands or disciplinary issues, they are also necessary for announcing redundancies (with potential impacts on the remote worker’s job security), discussing negative customer feedback, addressing poor performance or resolving conflict between groups or individuals.

With that in mind, on Tuesday 24 February, CMI – in partnership with Citrix – will present the webinar Constructive Outcomes for Difficult Conversations, providing leaders with a series of best-practice tips for handling those stressful moments. In the webinar, Lynne Copp – founder of The Worklife Company – will explore this uniquely tender territory and offer a series of solutions designed to produce the best results for everyone involved.

You will learn…

1. Which factors can make a conversation difficult

2. Several HR guidelines and tips for managing tough talks

3. How to ensure constructive outcomes

And more!

Remember, avoidance is not a good strategy for these types of conversations, as issues will fester and only get worse – so sign up for the webinar at the form found via this link:


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