How can I inspire my employees and help them feel more a part of the company?

27 February 2015 -


"What can I do to change my management style so I instil the same sense of passion and ownership in my employees as I myself feel for the company?"

Martin Hutchins says:

To instil passion in your workforce, you must lead by example through your management style, not just use words. One place to start is to focus on a corporate responsibility scheme. This is not only essential to any business, but it creates a shared sense of purpose, and an entire positive culture will begin to evolve from that leadership style.

Investment in CSR is not just about the financial contribution, but also the time given by managers and employees. You are sure to find someone in a company who will take it upon themselves to be the eco-warrior of the organisation – if that someone isn’t yourself. Their enthusiasm will rally other employees and make them feel part of a collective cause. By taking part in something that is a big part of the business, not just an obligatory part of their job, employees feel more connected to the company, due to their having a heightened sense of worth as part of the business as a whole. Employees will naturally start to look after the resources they use – realising the impact they have as a worker will reinforce their sense of importance.

We too often underestimate the lasting effect we have on the characters of others. People watch and mimic the actions of people that they work with, and pick up behaviour by osmosis. They take on not only the positive reactions of those in authority, but the negative too. So, in stressful situations make sure you keep any negative responses as hidden as possible.

Always offer the opportunity to be creative. The days of micromanagement are over, and a good manager doesn’t always dictate the course of action – he or she allows the workforce to be a part of the shaping of the organisation. In everything you do, employ three basic principles in the care of your staff and you will have a passionate workforce. Encourage mastery – allow employees to excel and play to their strengths by sending them on courses or allowing time to explore that particular skill-set as part of their role. Give them autonomy – allow them the freedom to perform without constantly checking up on them.

Finally, providing a sense of wider purpose within the business creates a deeper connection with the organisation. Through all this, you will develop long term relationships with employees that will benefit you, your company, and most of all, the employees themselves.

Martin Hutchins, FCMI is managing director and senior expert lecturer (sales, marketing, leadership) at Professional Academy

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