Meet the Chartered Manager: The Renaissance Man

31 July 2015 -


Sunny Dhadley fought back from drug addiction to help other drug users. By his own admission, becoming a Chartered Manager proves that anything is possible

CMI Team

A few years ago, Adidas ran a campaign entitled “Impossible is Nothing”. Being a sporting goods manufacturer, the marketing focused on athletes, including many who had come through adversity. It’s a motto that springs to mind when you hear the remarkable story about Sunny Dhadley.

As an operational manager and strategic lead for Wolverhampton’s Service User Involvement Team (Suit) and director of drug abuse charity The Recovery Foundation, Dhadley’s leadership led Suit to the 2014 Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Dhadley is a CMI Chartered Manager of the Year for 2014.

Here, he tells us how he turned his life around – and what Chartered Manager has done for his career…

My addiction was a dark place.

All of the good things that could have happened, did not happen. I managed to pull myself out and got married soon after. Then I went about finding ways to help other people.

We are not in a normal business setting.

But we still need to analyse our performance, make sure we are doing things in the right way.

I’m constantly looking at better ways in which we can evidence what we do.

Taxpayers deserve to know their money is being spent in the right way.

The business acumen I have picked up through Chartered Manager has enabled me to make sure that it is.

I’m ecstatic to have been awarded Chartered Manager of the Year.

At one point, I didn’t think anything was achievable. This award has shown me – and others – that everything is.

Chartered Manager has given me a platform.

I’ve always been an innovative person – but that is now recognised outside the industry in which I work.

I feel this is just the start.

Anything I can do to make me not just competent but excellent in my role will help me develop.

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