Meet the Chartered Manager: Michael Brearey, RDF Building Services

25 June 2015 -


CMI’s Chartered Manager gave Michael the vital leadership development tools that helped him complete his journey from labourer to managing director

CMI Team

It’s the sort of story the newspapers might brand “rags to riches”: Michael Brearey started life at RDF Building Services as a labourer. Now, brimming with the confidence Chartered Manager has brought him – not to mention a honed management style – he’s taking over as managing director, at a point when the company is going from strength to strength.

Here, he tells us about his exciting journey in leadership development – and what Chartered Manager has done for his career…

I started on-site on the tools.

The chairman must have seen something in me. Doing Chartered Manager made me realise that I can lead, and that I do lead.

Chartered Manager has made me want to go out there and do things.

It’s made me a lot more comfortable in meetings, a lot more comfortable presenting and a lot more comfortable in myself and my skill set.

People inside and outside of my organisation recognise the accreditation.

After you’ve done it, you get a little bit more respect from your peers.

Workmates respond to me differently since Chartered Manager.

Sometimes people were negative, but now they see why we are doing things. It’s about working with people and getting them to buy into what we are doing.

Management is about getting people on the bus, bringing them on the journey.

Everybody goes to work to earn a wage, but we like people to want to come to work and want to deliver a job.

We think in a more strategic way now.

Chartered Manager means we don’t go in for knee-jerk reactions.

Chartered Manager has made our firm leaner.

Our margins are steadily growing. I hope they will get even bigger.

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