Watch: The MoralDNA of management

28 September 2015 -


CMI members talk about office ethics and why many managers leave their morals behind when they come to work

Matt Scott


Why do many managers leave their morals at the office door?

New research from CMI has revealed that managers in employee-owned companies are more ethical in their decision making than those working for companies with other forms of ownership.

The survey found managers are less likely to make business decisions based on ‘blind’ obedience to corporate rules and are more likely to take into account the interests of their colleagues, customers and communities.

Workers are also more likely to rate the leadership of employee-owned companies more favourably, with 90% experiencing high-performing, ‘democratic, visionary, affiliative, and coaching’ leadership styles compared to just 57% of workers in non-employee-owned businesses.

The MoralDNA of Employee-Owned Companies report was produced by CMI and business psychometric specialists MoralDNA, with support from Fieldfisher and the eaga Trust. The report was launched at a management industry gathering at law firm Fieldfisher, long-term supporters of employee ownership.

Find out more about the MoralDNA of employee-owned companies here

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