Watch: When Digital Becomes Human named best commuter’s read

15 February 2016 -


Samroj Lama from Ravensbourne College created a video promoting the award-winning book from Steven Van Belleghem

Matt Scott

Steven Van Belleghem’s When Digital Becomes Human: The transformation of customer relationships is the winner of the Commuter’s Read category of CMI’s Management Book of the Year 2016.When Digital Becomes Human is packed with global examples from organisations that have successfully transformed their customer relationships, such as Amazon, Toyota, ING, Coolblue, Nike and Starbucks.

Philip Crisp FCMI CMgr, who is the founding director of Development Professionals, helped judge the category and said: “This book was a clear winner in the view of all the judges. It’s a really good read, its interesting, keeps you going right from the start to the end and it gives some really good insights into the way businesses are likely to operate in the future.

“This book will really stand the test of time and it needs to be read by a lot of people. I’ve already identified some people I think should read this very worthy winner.”

Students of Ravensbourne College also competed to produce videos to illustrate each of the five category winners, with this entry from Samroj Lama winning the Commuter’s Read category for his video promoting When Digital Becomes Human.

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