The motivations behind studying an MBA [New research]

03 May 2016 -


Research from the University of Central Lancashire looks into the reasons why people are enrolling on MBAs

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a postgraduate qualification regarded as an important tool to prepare students for senior roles in business, providing the chance to develop valued skills and increasing opportunities for jobs within a chosen industry.

Employers value a MBA as it’s a course requiring hard work, dedication and demonstration of desirable workplace skills.

Recent focus group research undertaken by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) was made up of the institution’s current part-time MBA students and split into first and second years.

The aim of the research was to explore a number of factors relating to the course, with particular attention paid to why they had chosen to study at that level. Several themes emerged from the results, providing an insight into what really motivates someone to take on a MBA.

“The theory to back up the practice”

A number of people on the course reported that they felt they were setting themselves a personal challenge by returning to education, this view generally came from those who had not been involved for a number of years, or perhaps never at that level before.

In general, a MBA was identified as the ideal outlet for setting and obtaining personal goals.

“A springboard to the next level”

Another motivation cited frequently was career development and progression – members of both groups reported the perception of an MBA as a catalyst for promotion within current employment.

“My manager did an MBA”

One participant had drawn inspiration from their senior manager who had done an MBA, whereas another wanted to be able to demonstrate to future employers that they would be well equipped for management roles.

“Something less specialised that might open more doors”

A general consensus across the participants not currently working in business was that an MBA would provide them with the general skills and wider knowledge considered necessary to keep them abreast of the latest trends in the market.

A widened area of expertise ultimately makes a prospective candidate more desirable to an employer, meaning you’re more likely to get ahead in business.

“After kids and marriage, I’m ready to start my career off again”

For some, particular importance was placed on time as the reason behind choosing to embark on an MBA. Either they hadn’t yet had children, or they had and they were grown up.

So why UCLan?

The UCLan MBA offers a rigorous and challenging process of personal and managerial development in which you are encouraged and expected to make your own contribution.

The teaching on the MBA programme is of the highest standard and is delivered by experienced and inspiring professionals with real business insight.

In addition, UCLan is research-active and our academic staff will share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you as you progress through your course. Our highly trained learning support staff and state-of-the-art facilities will provide you with the advice, guidance and resources to make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience and help you achieve your career goals.

“Following the completion of my MBA, I noticed a very definite change in the way I felt about work. I am far less stressed than previously, more confident and most importantly, have got my work/life balance much better. If you’re thinking about postgraduate study, you’re more than halfway there already. Don't hesitate it will make you a far better manager.” Peter Green, MBA

This is a sponsored feature from UCLan. You can study the UCLan MBA on a full-time or part-time basis. For more information see the UClan website or contact 01772 892400. You can also find out more about the full range of postgraduate management courses on offer

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