Meet the Pioneers Earning as They Learn: Rav Billan

10 March 2017 -


Rav Billan experienced a “lightbulb moment” last year and realised she wanted a career change. So she enrolled on the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Elizabeth Oliver

Working for the facilities- management company Acivico, Rav Billan had always admired CMI, particularly its chartered status and its campaigns on the gender pay gap. The latter even inspired her to create her own Twitter campaign, #BreakingTheStereotype.

Studying at Aston University, working as a principal manager and being a 36-year-old mum of three means that Billan “can multitask like there’s no tomorrow”. Her role involves working with partners, creating innovative social-media content and attending meetings.

“I feel very privileged to be part of a network of people where we’re breaking new ground.”

The degree apprenticeship course has given Billan a clear insight into her career goals and the steps needed to achieve them. “The course has forced me to think about the things I have achieved and the things I still need to do. If, for example, Z is my ultimate goal, every letter of the alphabet represents a different goal and target to get there. I don’t belittle the little achievements.”

Looking ahead, Billan hopes to progress to a more senior leadership role. “As a manager, you’re in a privileged position to shape others’ futures and destinies. I definitely feel this course has given me the foundations and skillset to excel at the next stage.”

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