Think you need a degree to study for an MBA? Think again!

26 March 2018 -

University of EssexAn MBA is a challenging yet extremely rewarding postgraduate programme; however, many people still believe that an MBA is only open to those who already hold a degree. This isn’t the case though!

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Here at University of Essex Online, we recognise that you can gain skills in a wide variety of ways and that prior academic performance is not the only indicator of ability. Therefore, candidates who don’t have an undergraduate degree but do have significant business experience can still study on our MBA programme.

Our open entry route requires that you have five years’ senior or managerial work experience. Your application will then be considered on an individual basis taking into account your motivation for doing the course, prior work experience and other relevant qualifications that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the programme.

One of the unique aspects of our MBA is that you study 100% online and part-time. Developed in partnership with the world-class team at Essex Business School, this programme combines cutting-edge learning technology with teaching expertise from industry leaders. The flexibility offered by online, part-time learning is perfect for working professionals and the MBA is one of the most popular courses to study online. There are a huge number of benefits to studying online, with one of the biggest being that you can study from any location around the world.

Our MBA is perfect for anyone wanting to build on their professional opportunities and grow their career. Its specialised pathway helps students to develop skills in key business-related areas such as people management, project delivery and reporting. An MBA also teaches valuable networking and communication skills, enabling students to develop personal and professional networks.

Erin is studying for an MBA to help her run her own business. She and her business partner have opened their own sports centre in Bermuda hosting the first full-sized boxing ring in the country!

“I’m happy to say that I’m already using skills I’ve gained from my MBA course. I have just started my new role of Senior Project Analyst for the Bermuda Monetary Authority full-time. The University of Essex Online course was absolutely instrumental in my being prepared for this job. At the time it seemed to make the most sense as I knew that ultimately, I’d like to own a number of businesses and work for myself. The course itself was great, I took something valuable away from every module. I’m currently in the final stages of writing my dissertation, which is due next month.”

Thomas graduated from his MBA course in 2017 and said he never felt alone on the course:

“The quality of the course was very high, and the teachers were absolutely amazing. They are all very skilled and experienced teachers. Also, the Student Support Adviser was very good and professional. They always replied on time and I never felt alone during the whole course.”

Interested in studying for an MBA with us? What are you waiting for? Places are still available on our next intake and all our courses are 100% online and part-time. Download prospectus or Apply now.

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