Three trends management consultants need to know about

Written by Ian Wylie Tuesday 12 March 2024
How management consultants can demonstrate impact – plus the latest research on which countries have the biggest consulting sectors
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Management consultants need to maintain their competitive edge – and that means staying on top of the latest research and thought leadership trends. With that in mind, below we’ve compiled four key insights from the latest issue of Management Consulting Journal (MCJ). 


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AI will reshape the management consulting sector

Three different papers in the latest MCJ attempt to assess the impact of AI and large language models on management consulting.

Sai Krishnan Mohan shares potential opportunities for management consulting firms, including:

  • helping companies align AI strategy to business strategy 
  • training staff in new skills such as “prompt engineering” 
  • guidance and counsel on data protection and regulatory compliance 
  • data valuation for M&A, investments and other scenarios
  • information security and infrastructure strategies for public sector bodies.

Esioze Oarue-Itseuwa predicts that AI will reshape the management consulting sector in the coming five years. AI-powered analytics will accelerate data processing, transforming consultants into interpreters and strategists and internal cost structures for consulting firms may shift from people-centric, to AI-centric.

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