Join the conversation: What’s the best size for a team?

Written by Lord Mark Price, CMI's president Wednesday 24 March 2021
How many direct reports should a manager have? We’d love to hear your views
Screengrab of a video conference call

Managers have a very clear role, says CMI’s president Lord Mark Price – pandemic or no pandemic.

“The job of management is to make sure that the people in their charge are very clear on their task; they have to give people the information and the resources they need to complete that task in the most efficient way,” he says.

But in order to be able to do this, we need to evaluate our own time, our own resources. And it raises the question: how big should our teams be? How many people can we offer this level of management to in an effective way?

Let’s hear from Mark himself… and we’d love to hear your views. Don’t forget, you can use the hashtag #BetterManagers on social media, too.



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