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Wednesday 28 April 2021
CMI Hong Kong updates us on areas of interest – including using AI in recruitment, new methods of virtual teaching, and more!
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Empowering University Teachers for Next-Stage Virtual Teaching

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the teaching model of educational institutions worldwide.  After a year of experimentation and trial and error,, teachers and students are more supportive of remote learning and new learning technologies.   Institutions are now ready to create versatile, sustainable and disruption-resilient remote learning opportunities in the future.

In Hong Kong, the University Grants Committee (UGC) recently introduced a Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning (VTL) to universities.  The grant supports universities in developing governance frameworks for VTL, VTL development for skill-based training, and enriching the educational experience of VTL through professional development and technology/infrastructure development.

With the collaboration among different universities and organizations (e.g. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), inter-institutional professional development events on several VTL topics will be developed for teachers and learning designers in Hong Kong as well as the Asia-Pacific region:

Artificial intelligence for automating assessment in large classes, such that teachers spend less time on administrative work and more time for value-added personal student mentoring
Open educational resources (OER) and ‘unbundled learning’ for low-cost, stackable, integrity-promoted curriculum, such that more people get the flexibility and chances for updating their skills and preparing for career changes
Virtual reality and mixed reality for virtual instruction, such that students receive adequate essential practical and safety training before working on sites with potential dangers.

Dr Leon Lei
E-learning Technologist, The University of Hong Kong
Chair, IEEE Hong Kong Section Education Chapter


CMI Regional Voice from Hong Kong: Webinar on Management and Leadership Style for Education and Health in the New Economy

Covid-19 disrupted business and trade worldwide, seriously undermining the global economy – but hasn’t it also helped to create new opportunities? The business environment shaped by the pandemic has reinvigorated management models and leadership styles as a result of increased digitalisation in sectors such as education and health, especially mental health. How have these sectors in the Asia Pacific been impacted by this ‘new normal’? How have managers working in these areas utilised new opportunities creatively and strategically?

CMI Hong Kong recently hosted a webinar to explore these questions.  Among the panellists were:

  • Dr Paulina Chan, Regional Chair of CMI Hong Kong and Trustee on the Board of CMI
  • Dr Maggie Palmer, Associate Director of UK Department for International Trade (DIT) in Hong Kong
  • Dr Leon Lei, E-learning Technologist at the University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • The Chair of CMI Singapore, Mr Tay Woon Teck
  • The Chair of Sri Lanka, Mr Indhra Kausha
  • Hon Secretary Ms Kamaya Perer
  • CMI Hong Kong board member Mr Derek Choi
  • CMI Hong Kong board member Mr Michael Chi On Wong

During the webinar, speakers across the regions acknowledged the pandemic’s adverse impact on both people and business from the education and health sectors.  In order to overcome the challenges and barriers arising from changes in working styles and lifestyles, it was suggested that managers must acquire new skill sets and also make use of technological resources.  Citing cases and examples from Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Sri Lanka, the speakers discussed the ways people in different regions have practised management and leadership in their respective contexts.  The common fundamental ingredients for success identified by the speakers were: resilience, agility, creativity, innovation, care, evolution, enthusiasm, and passion.


Application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Recruitment

The Hong Kong Vocational Training Council (VTC), which grants the Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management and Talent Analytics, has now expanded its syllabus to include the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as automatic tools for job interviews.   AI applications are predicted to be used by human resources professionals in recruitment to predict success in the workplace.   The Hong Kong Productivity Council now offers courses to teach data analytics for managing human resources in a quantitative way;  these generate business opportunities for ed tech applications specialist and business entrepreneurs in the field.

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