How senior leaders can transform culture – and refresh and re-energise their workforce

Written by Beth Gault Wednesday 31 January 2024
Culture impacts everything from productivity and retention, to absence rates and employee wellbeing. In the first in a series of articles, we look at how senior leaders can establish and drive a culture that brings out the best in everyone
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The actions of senior leaders may be important, but even more critical is how people within an organisation feel about its culture, explains Dr Chan Abraham CMgr FCMI, CEO and founder of Leadership International.

Dr Chan Abraham

“People may love their role,” he says. “They may love the industry they’re working in. But leaders need to make sure employees love their company.  But they’ll only do that if it’s got a great culture that makes them look forward to getting out of bed in the morning.”

Dr Chan is convinced that by taking a fresh look at culture in organisations, and the role that leaders and managers play, we can refresh and re-energise the workforce and improve productivity.

Did you know that 50% of employees with ineffective managers are planning to leave in the next twelve months?

This is just one of the findings from CMI’s Better Management Report, a nationwide study into the state of UK management and leadership.

Discover more of the report’s key findings


This fresh look involves three leadership priorities that everyone can buy into and own: first, fostering an attitude of learning; second, becoming a “beacon of inspiration”; and third, ensuring staff know their purpose. 


Want to learn the three ways that senior leaders can transform culture within their organisations?


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