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Written by Ben Willis Monday 14 November 2016
There’s More to Getting Home-working Right Than You Might Think, Finds Ben Willis
Adults sitting at table working flexibly with small child

There’s more to getting home-working right than you might think, finds Ben Willis

Among the many advances brought about by the internet and communications technology are the increased opportunities for remote working. With just a phone line and computer, workers in certain sectors can theoretically work from anywhere.

According to figures published last year by the Office for National Statistics, one in 10 workers now opt to work from home, up more than a third in a decade. Studies regularly show that working from home is more productive than working in an office, saving workers commuting time and preventing burnout by giving them more time to relax and sleep. And, of course, having fewer staff based in an office means employers can save on office space, greatly reducing their overheads.