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Managing Change: No Dramas Please

Friday 15 July 2022

We often think about managing change and teamship solely in the context of corporate organisations, yet in the Arts the ability to cast and quickly bond diverse individual talents into a high-performance team is mission-critical. Each project is a high-stakes operation in its own right, backed by millions of pounds of investment and outcomes instantly judged by the public eye. 

During this session we will hear from industry experts with extensive experience of leading and working within many different production teams responsible for award winning theatre, film and much loved TV drama.  

In this digital event...

We will explore learning that translates directly across to the corporate world including:

  • Casting - how do you select the right 'talent'.
  • Bonding - forming talented individuals into a constructive team.
  • Performance and giving feedback - how do you get the best from the individual and collective?
  • Exit Left - how do you measure success and what happens when a project ends.

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