CMI Malaysia AGM

6th October 2022

The 5th CMI Malaysia AGM took place on 6 October at the KL Hilton. Chair Taranjeet Singh CMgr CCMI reports:

"It was a delight to chair the 5th CMI Malaysia AGM yesterday at the KL Hilton.

Reminiscing with old friends, meeting new members and sharing of thoughts and experiences were most certainly the order of the day.

With my fellow Office Bearers, Prof. Dr Rebecca Taylor CMgr CCMI, Prof. Dr Vinitha Guptan FCMI and Dr. Gerald Guan Gan GOH FCMI, and Hon Members of the Regional Board, we had a sterling audience comprising of Chartered Companions, Chartered Fellows, Chartered Managers and Student Members of CMI Malaysia.

And in the wings were support provided by Samantha Sin MCMI, Mellisa Patrick and Goldie Polycarp MCMI respectively.

A note of thanks to Joanna Frohmaier CMgr FCMI, Jamil Karkach MCMI fCMgr and Charlotte Bradshaw CMgr MCMI for being on the call with us and for providing great updates and insights from a CMI UK and Higher Education perspective.

It is with a tinge of sadness that we say farewell to “retiring” board members Steven Foong FCMI, Jimmy Fam CMgr FCMI, Datin Dr Wendy Liow FCMI, Dr Seng Poh Chew CMgr FCMI, Mahendra Chandra FCMI and Badrie Abdullah FCMI and thank them for the sterling contributions that they have made to the Board and the CMI "Cause" within Malaysia and the region.

On the same note, we are honoured to have step up to the proverbial plate Major Dr. Prebagaran Jayaraman FCMI, Kishenjeet Dhillon CMgr MCMI and Isabel Mok MCMI respectively. It’s also good to see the Board going through a revitalisation process.

We are here to serve you, the Members of the Chartered Management Institute. We look forward to forging even deeper relationships, fostering better engagements and having insightful and purposeful sharings over the coming year.

Should anyone wish to play a more active and a more prominent role within this space, please feel free to reach out to us or DM me directly.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and we look forward to seeing you there."