Inclusiveness and Resilience at Work

Thursday 26th May 2022 at 4pm MYT

In today's business environment, as we emerge out of the pandemic, leaders and managers face numerous challenges in managing the workforce.

There are a multitude of generations within the workforce today, with differing expectations, needs and demands, and these all play out in an environment of home and flexible working. In addition, there are challenges that come with being equitable to those who perform without being swayed by the “recency effect", and effectively leading and managing in a virtual world whilst concurrently being "sensitive to inclusiveness".

In the face of this is the fundamental notion of resilience and what needs to be firmly set in place for the sustainability and growth of tomorrow's organisations. It is clear that the rules have changed. Are we changing as Managers and Leaders?

During this digital event, we looked to:

  • Understand the trends and impact of inclusivity in the workforce and how it can be used as a catalyst for organisational improvement and growth
  • Obtain insights on how organisations can become more resilient as a result of being a more inclusive workplace
  • Better understand the practical challenges faced within organisations on the topics of inclusivity and resilience, and their impact on managers and leaders within a work-from-home environment

You can view the event now.