Leadership and management skillsets to enrich career aspiration of lawyers in HK and Greater Bay Area

August 2022

The International Academy of Law and Business Administration (IALBA) is in the process of attaining formal accreditation by CMI, whereby it will run Business Administration courses with an emphasis on leadership and strategic management in Hong Kong, as well as the wider Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area. The course will be the equivalent of a Level 5 or Level 7 qualification.

IALBA also plans to set up tuition courses to coach potential candidates to attain CMI’s Chartered Manager status.

Registered in Hong Kong, the IALBA is established with a view of building more communication and education channels between the legal and business administration world in Hong Kong, mainland China and the international world. It is hoped that through encouraging and equipping more people to join the legal and/or business administration professions – plus the strong business administration courses from CMI – both Hong Kong and mainland China may benefit from the intellectual uplift and vibrant commercial exchanges.

It is noted nowadays that, within metropolises like Hong Kong and many other budding cities in the Greater Bay area, there is a great need to introduce business administration skills into the legal industry, and, at the same time, emphasise legal perspectives and legal compliance within the business administration sector.

IALBA is planning to recruit more teachers to design relevant courses to be offered in the future. Moreover, it is definitely looking forward to establishing more connections with the academic and business world in the Greater Bay Area once Covid-19 quarantine measures are rescinded.