Organisational Intelligence in the Workplace

Highlighting the issues, challenges and links to managerial effectiveness in the workplace

Our world as we know it has been flipped upside down, the intellectual capacity of your entire organisation will have changed.

With the immense uncertainties facing businesses today, there have been many business transformations and rejigging of operating models, as there is a need to have a deeper insight into the way organisations think, feel and operate. As well as this, a fundamental question of honesty is at play, and whether the organisational leaders are being truthful to employees or somewhat “fabricated” in the interest of the few. Today we are witnessing credibility gaps at play within organisations, whether large or small and this now has a direct correlation on the people being managed.

A new form of intelligence is required, and must be linked to the organisation and its purpose. But more critically, it must be linked to the promotion of trust at all levels within the organisation. Organisational intelligence or quotient (OQ) has become a critical component in contributing to the success of companies within the uncertain times of today. The area of Organization Network Analytics (ONA) is a field which supports this notion of OQ.

During this digital event from the CMI Malaysia Regional Board we heard from Andras Vicsek, the Founder of Maven7, Anupam Prakash, the MD of Maven7 APAC and Taranjeet Singh CMgr FCMI, Chair of the Regional Board of CMI Malaysia and CEO of Quantum Steppe Advisory.

They discussed the issues and challenges relating to the area of organisational intelligence and how this is interlinked to managerial effectiveness at the workplace. Moderated by Dr Amina Kayani, Director of Strategy & Engagement, Yayasan Peneraju, this was an insightful and intriguing perspective to a new area of understanding and effectively utilising organisational quotient within your organisation.

You can view the event now.