Reimagine the Future Through Coaching

Digital event on 17th May 2022 at 4pm MYT

To celebrate International Coaching Week (16th to 22nd May 2022), ICF Malaysia and CMI collaborated to deliver an online panel discussion to explore how coaching can be of benefit to you, your business and others.

The event was hosted/moderated by Taranjeet Singh CMgr CCMI MCC, and four panellists, Florence Lam PCC, Gwyn Thomas DL CMgr FCMI ChMC, Kamaldin Nordin CPC and Nigel Girling CMgr CCMI shared their thoughts, insights and perspectives on how to “Reimagine the Future Through Coaching”. Topics covered included:

  • How can coaching help you
  • How can coaching benefit your business
  • How can coaching help achieve diversity
  • How to develop a coaching culture (lessons from organisational leaders who are on this journey)
  • Coaching in a remote/hybrid world
  • Examples of coaching results, impact and value
  • What to look for in a coach
  • How to find a coach
  • Options on starting/developing a coaching career, so that you can deliver the benefits of coaching to others, including a look at ICF Credentials and CMI Qualifications