It is always a good idea to set some time aside during which you will not be disturbed to think about your professional skills and knowledge as a manager and leader and how you might develop these further to improve your effectiveness. 

CPD Slice Reflection 

Asking yourself the following questions may help this process:

What do you do well and what are you less confident or effective in? Have there been any particular incidents over the last twelve months, from which you can learn, or things you wish you had done differently? (Consider doing a SWOT analysis). Remember, there are things to be learnt from both positive and negative experiences and outcomes.

  • What feedback you have received about your effectiveness as a manager and leader, either formally, for example through a performance appraisal process, or informally from colleagues or other stakeholders?  If necessary, consider seeking out new feedback to inform your thinking.
  • How are changes in the external environment likely to impact on you and your organisation in the immediate and more distant future? Examples might include regulatory changes in your sector, introduction of new technologies, etc. (Consider doing a PEST analysis).
  • How is your role likely to change or develop? Consider how you would ideally like to develop but also changes that may occur over which you may have no immediate control.
  • What are your career aspirations? Are there any new skills you want or are likely to need to develop in order to achieve these?