Case Studies

A view on qualifications

More than 80 percent of managers say that taking a management qualification has resulted in increased professional recognition, with most stating that employers prefer qualified managers when recruiting. This was confirmed by a further 53 percent advising that their qualification had helped them in gaining a promotion.

Campus CMI Student

My involvement with Campus CMI has benefitted me no end, to be able to refer back to it in all situations (not only academically) that skill is priceless.

Campus Employers Quote

Employability skills are more important than ever in the current economic climate. In order to be well prepared for the upturn, we need to ensure that we are equipping young people with the required management and leadership skills which employers value in order to support the economy and meet the needs of business.

Chartered Manager - Combating bad management

Managers at all levels should be encouraged to undertake workforce training as often as possible, and the economic downturn should lead to an increase in training, not a decrease. We need to train managers in how to cope better with these types of situations, and those who manage people in particular need re-educating.

Chartered Manager - MOD

The Chartered Manager award will be of great benefit to me when I seek employment outside the Army and it will help enormously in positioning me at an appropriate senior level.

Chartered Manager - Royal Navy

It gives me that rubber stamp and kudos for things which I know implicitly I’ve been doing well for years.

Chartered Manager

The Chartered Manager award process has enabled me to focus on applying management theories and techniques to maximise my contribution to the organisation. It has raised my profile and allowed me the flexibility to put my knowledge and skills to good use. It has also set a good foundation for my continual professional development.

Chartered Manager - The route to professional success

It enabled me to benchmark my managerial attributes; the result of which increased my confidence to apply for senior appointments.

Tala Saade

Dual Accreditation

‘The Chartered Management Institute is a globally accredited professional institute for management and the Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership is a stepping-stone for what I wish to achieve throughout my career as a productive and efficient team leader. A successful manager is one who is able to understand the roles of all their colleagues in order to help guide them and this is what the CMI qualification represents for me. I will continue working hard to earn the title of Chartered Manager’.