Make snow plans to dodge wintry woe, says CMI

25 November 2014 -


Managers should devise detailed snow plans or see the weather cost them thousands of pounds, CMI warned today

Ben Walker

Although last winter was wet and snowless for large parts of the UK, CMI research reveals that wintry conditions were a major cause of organisation disruption for the previous four winters, all of which suffered widespread cold and snowy spells.

The research shows that poor weather cost businesses an average of £52,700, and affected 77% of organisations, during the winter of 2012-13. Despite four successive years of cold winters, by March 2013 nearly half of managers surveyed had failed to make formal arrangements for disruption, researchers found.

Poor business planning was largely to blame for the malaise, said Patrick Woodman, co-author of CMI’s Weathering the Storm report into maintaining business continuity through difficult periods. “Too few managers properly plan for what – in most winters – is pretty much inevitable at some point,” he said. “Last year’s exceptionally mild winter risks lulling managers into a false sense of security – only for the snow to swallow thousands of pounds if it returns over the next few months.”

CMI’s report recommends regular review and testing of business continuity plans and urges managers to consider their supply chain as part of their plans. Download the white paper on business continuity management here

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