Policy Papers

The CMI's policy submissions to Government departments are based on the latest research and surveys among our membership, and thereby represent the views of practicing managers across the UK. These formal contributions complement our ongoing engagement with policy makers and support our aim of keeping management and leadership at the forefront of the public policy agenda.

Unlocking the potential of the UK Workforce

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK economy. As we enter the recovery phase of the crisis, it has deepened the need - and created a moment of opportunity - to unlock the full potential of the UK workforce. CMI’s latest policy paper on Future Skills and Retraining makes a number of recommendations.

Management Apprenticeships Boost Productivity

Productivity has flatlined in the UK since the financial crisis. To ensure the UK’s economic prosperity we need to address the productivity gap relative to other G7 countries, and between regions in the UK.

CMI Statement on Level 7 SLMDA

Gavin Williamson is right to be concerned about the Apprenticeship Levy, but we hope this concern about what the levy should or shouldn’t fund doesn’t result in the government throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Skills Commission Call for Evidence on the Future of the Skills System: CMI’s Submission

CMI's response to the Skills Commission's call for evidence on the future of the skills system.