Policy Papers

The CMI's policy submissions to Government departments are based on the latest research and surveys among our membership, and thereby represent the views of practicing managers across the UK. These formal contributions complement our ongoing engagement with policy makers and support our aim of keeping management and leadership at the forefront of the public policy agenda.

Skills Commission Call for Evidence on the Future of the Skills System: CMI’s Submission

CMI's response to the Skills Commission's call for evidence on the future of the skills system.

CMI Response to Consultation on Confidentiality Clauses

CMI's submission to the Government's consultation on confidentiality clauses.

CMI Response to Ethnicity Pay Reporting Consultation

CMI's submission to the Government's consultation on ethnicity pay reporting.

Inspiring the Future

Through campaigns such as Inspiring the Future, CMI is helping prepare young people for the workplace by outlining the range of career routes available and emphasising the importance of management skills. Many CMI members have already registered to volunteer at least an hour of their time to visit a school near where they live or work to chat informally to young people.

HE Commission call for evidence in Degree Apprenticeship inquiry: CMI's submission

The Higher Education Commission has been calling for evidence for its latest inquiry into Degree Apprenticeships. CMI's submission highlights the benefits of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) and the threat of the funding band cuts. We call for a halt to the reduction in the funding band for the CMDA, a commitment to grow the number of degree apprenticeships, a renewed commitment to the apprenticeship reforms and to the apprenticeship levy and a new national campaign to raise awareness of apprenticeships.

The Government's autumn 2018 Budget: CMI's submission

The Government has been calling for Budget representations for the Autumn 2018 Budget. Representations provide a method of commenting on government policy, as well as suggesting new policy ideas for the Budget. CMI have called on the Government to boost productivity and accelerate growth, encourage stability and certainty in the skills system, accelerate work to close the gender pay gap, increase diversity in the workplace and promote social mobility.

CMI's submission to the National Audit Office follow up study on the apprenticeship programme

The National Audit Office's (NAO) follow up study on the apprenticeship programme is looking to the extent to which the apprenticeship reforms are delivering value for money. Our submission outlines the work we are doing with the Management Apprenticeships Trailblazer Group, the benefits of management apprenticeships and the damaging impact of funding cuts. CMI ask the NAO to examine the funding band review in more detail.

Professional and Business Services Council (PBSC): Proposed Sector Deal

Professional and Business Services Council (PBSC): Proposed Sector Deal