Policy Papers

The CMI's policy submissions to Government departments are based on the latest research and surveys among our membership, and thereby represent the views of practicing managers across the UK. These formal contributions complement our ongoing engagement with policy makers and support our aim of keeping management and leadership at the forefront of the public policy agenda.

Professional and Business Services Council (PBSC): Proposed Sector Deal

Professional and Business Services Council (PBSC): Proposed Sector Deal

Purpose in Business

CMI research says there are five ways to recognise and define your business purpose.

Automation and the future of work

​Read our letter to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee on automation and the future of work.


Improving management and leadership is key to solving the productivity puzzle and critical to our economic success. Read our response to the Government's call for evidence on how to improve business productivity.

CMI's 10 point plan on apprenticeship reform

CMI has called on government to make urgent reforms to its apprenticeships programme and to the levy to make it "more flexible and less bureaucratic".

CMI submission to Parliamentary inquiry into apprenticeships and training

Read our evidence to the Select Committee on Education's inquiry into the quality of apprenticeships and skills training, setting out the critical role that apprenticeships can play to transform the skills landscape.


CMI’s brief response to the government’s green paper welcomes the Prime Minister’s recognition that “business must earn and keep the trust and confidence of their customers, employees and the wider public”.

Support for Members of Parliament

Today the world puts huge emphasis on performance and demands more skills than ever before. Yet far too many managers need more guidance and support to tackle their challenging roles – none more so than Members of Parliament.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Management APPGM

Supported by CMI, the APPGM exists to help develop closer understanding between politicians, business leaders and senior public sector managers.

The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership

In 2013, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management (APPGM) decided to investigate how management and leadership in the UK will need to change by 2020 to deliver sustainable economic growth.