CMI Highlights – 12 July 2023

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Driving productivity and growth across the UK, plus ChMC of the Year finalists reveal
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Good management in the healthcare sector is vital for patient care. CMI teamed up with the Social Market Foundation to explore the transformative impact of better leadership and management in helping the NHS to evolve and meet the acute demands and deep stresses it is facing. 

The report has already been picked up in the media. CMI’s director of policy and external affairs, Anthony Painter, also co-authored an opinion piece in The Times, highlighting the strong correlation between effective management practices and healthcare quality. His Letter to the Editors of The Telegraph explains that to equate management and bureaucracy misses the point: better managers means better healthcare.

Explore the full report, plus topline findings and recommendations, here.

Driving growth in the West Midlands

On 29 June, CMI presented another recent policy paper, “West Midlands Future Prosperity”, at Aston University in Birmingham to a range of important employers, policymakers, and education training providers from the region.

It highlights the challenges faced by the West Midlands in terms of management and leadership training, despite being a major regional contributor to the UK economy. It also focused on a “triple gap”, which, if not tackled, will slow growth in the region – and in the wider UK.

Learn more about this fascinating topic here.

From regional to individual productivity

In a recent Raconteur article exploring the factors influencing employee productivity in 2023, Anthony Painter emphasises that flexibility, effective communication methods, inclusive technology selection, as well as clear protocols and expectations for collaboration are crucial for hybrid teams.

CMI Insights focused on the theme of effective communication this week: 

  • Explore our infographic on understanding communication styles to become the best communicator you can be
  • How to communicate when words fail – not all our communication is successful, but how do we recover from this? 
  • Expert advice on supporting a neurodiverse employee who struggles with communication, from starting a dialogue to considering how you communicate 
  • Can you ever overcommunicate?Lord Mark Price CMgr CCMI shares how to strike a communication balance with your team

We also recently ran a LinkedIn poll asking the CMI community how often they have their notifications turned on at work. Two-thirds of you said “all the time” – but, in the name of productivity, you might want to think about scheduling in some “do not disturb time”. Find out why here.

Gender Pay Gap warning

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has identified eight organisations that failed to report their gender pay gap data this year and shared CMI’s gender pay gap reporting toolkit to help organisations write their own action plan. Take a look, and find much more on the gender pay gap on CMI Insights.

Chartered Management Consultant of the Year finalists revealed

Exciting news: the finalists for the ChMC of the Year Award have been revealed by the MCA. CMI’s CEO, Ann Francke OBE, extended her congratulations to all the nominees for their “outstanding achievements”.

The MCA has also published another in its series of ChMC case studies: Simon Clark, a partner at IBM IX, shares his experience of how the ChMC award enhanced his credibility and professional growth as a digital technology consultant.

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