Work from abroad? 10 till 3? The hybrid pioneers shaking up work

Written by Dave Waller Wednesday 10 April 2024
Headlines are awash with major organisations mandating a return to the office. But before you force your teams back into that daily commute, consider how five leading companies have made the most of hybrid
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We’re now living in the “new normal”. Four years on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, one of the most striking differences is the prevalence of hybrid working.

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Many employees now expect to choose how they split their time between the office and their home or other hybrid workspace. In fact, the offer (or not) of hybrid working is now a major factor in job candidates’ decision to accept a new role. 

But as with any seismic change, it hasn’t taken long for the downsides to emerge. 

The great risk of the hybrid age is “disengagement and diminished collaborative intent leading to declining social capital… denuding firms of the very energy and vitality we know creates innovation and ultimately advantage for the firm.” 

So says John Dore, director of the Senior Executive Programme at London Business School and author of Glue: Transforming leadership in the hybrid world

In other words, the collaborative spark that can come with full-time office life risks being extinguished in the transition. 

Are you putting in the effort?

Boots, JPMorgan Chase and even Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have all adopted a similar rationale for rolling back hybrid arrangements and insisting that people return to the office.  


Yet Dore’s point is not that hybrid working doesn’t work – but that, to make it most effective, you have to put in extra effort. 

“In an increasingly remote, or hybrid, working world, business leaders need to work even harder to encourage productive connections,” he writes. 

Below are five examples of companies that made the transition to hybrid working a success…

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