International affiliations

International Affiliations

Discussions take place on a regular basis with peer Institutes in Europe and the rest of the world, to identify areas of mutual co-operation and to learn from each other. Discussions are on going with the Malta Institute of Management, the Hellenic Management Association and the Australian Institute of Management.

Our partners in international projects include:
  • Business schools
  • Network organisations
  • Quality and accreditation agencies at a national and regional level

Examples of recent and current projects include:
  • The development of European standards or defined standards for practising managers
  • The assessment of skills associated with top international managers
  • A review of modern approaches towards management development across Europe
  • Quality assessment and accreditation projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

CMI is an active member of the European Management Association (EMA)

EMA aims to:
  • exchange best practice and encourage discussion and debate via joint meetings and conferences
  • participate in pan-European projects on key management topics
  • develop and promote pan-European standards of competence for managers

Members of EMA include:
  • Czech Republic - CSSMIE (Inventa)
  • Czech Republic - Czech Committee for Scientific Management
  • Germany - RKW
  • Greece - Hellenic Management Association
  • Italy - Fondazione Giacomo Rumor
  • Lithuania - Baltic Management Foundation
  • Malta - Malta Institute of Management
  • Romania - Centre of Economic and Management Research
  • Russia - Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI)
  • UK - Chartered Management Institute

EMA Research

The Future of Work and Management 2020 in Europe was further research published by EMA in May 2010. Building on CMI research in 2008, EMA members in Greece, Lithuania and Romania took up the challenge to look into their own future world of management and leadership.  The report consolidated and compared the findings across all four countries.

The two key questions were:
  • What will the world of work and management look like in 2020?
  • What do we need to start doing to enable business leaders to deal with tomorrow?

The study, co-ordinated on EMA's behalf by FutureManagementGroup, undertook to distinguish between different views of the future: the probable future (assumptions), the possible future (opportunities), the desired future (vision), the unexpected future (surprises) and the planned and created future (strategies).

For further information on EMA go to or contact Elaine McLean, Institute Secretary, Chartered Management Institute -

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)

The Institute of Consulting (an organisation with CMI) is a member of ICMCI. Between January 2012 and December 2013 the Institute was responsible for the Secretariat of ICMCI. ICMCI is a global network of Management Consulting Institutes.

For more information on ICMCI, go to