The IC (Institute of Consulting) is governed by the IC Advisory Committee which is a Committee of the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Board of Trustees.

The Committee meets four times a year and its core tasks are to:

  • Develop the IC strategy and to make sure it meets changing demands of the profession, including supporting the implementation of the Chartered Management Consultant award
  • Contribute to the achievement of overarching institute strategy on all issues relating to the practice of consulting
  • Make recommendations to the CMI Board on IC policy direction and annual business plan.


institute of consulting

In addition to the above the committee also undertakes the following:

  • Monitor on behalf of the board - and report on - the key performance indicators relating to IC
  • Ensure the maintenance of regular and effective two-way communications with IC members
  • Ratify IC appointments, including international Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) trustees and members of IC sub-groups, ensuring that appropriate succession planning is in place for all key appointments
  • Receive regular reports on activities of the ICMCI and refer issues to them via the duly appointed trustees
  • Ensure that issues relating to IC come forward for debate and resolution through effective engagement with the Committees of the Board, Regional Boards and other relevant stakeholders
  • Consider and make recommendations to the board on issues relating to IC grade criteria, CMC, membership upgrades, fees and subscriptions
  • Refer issues to the board as appropriate and provide advice and guidance as may be requested by the board.

Its membership comprises of:

  • Chair - a full member of IC appointed by the board for a two year term
  • Chair of the ICMCI Trustees' Liaison Group, ex-officio.
  • Up to ten more committee members providing diverse representation of the consultancy sector
  • Director with responsibility for IC (Director for Member Engagement).

Members are appointed to serve for a two year term, with eligibility to serve for further two years terms, up to a maximum of six consecutive years.