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Belonging to the IC not only gives you elevated professional status - and letters after your name - but access to a range of exclusive benefits that help you win and conduct business.

So you’re thinking of becoming a consultant?

If you’re thinking of moving into consultancy then we can help you.

STEP 1: If you’ve not already watched our introductory webinar on the subject then click here and here’s our free checklist  on key things to consider to help you get up and running.
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STEP 2: Next is a free half day session taking a deeper look at all that you need to do and consider as you start to consider how you’ll develop your skills and deliver your services.
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STEP 3: Add new credibility to your delivery starting with adopting ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consultancy.
ISO 20700 Guidelines

STEP 4: Formalise your skills with our range of qualifications and awards.
Consulting Qualifications and Awards

Benefits of membership

As a member, you benefit from a comprehensive range of products and services. Membership pays for itself many times over, not only in monetary terms but in the effect it has in reinforcing your credentials to clients and employers and in your career development.

Provides a continuous route for your career development

  • Access to qualifications to help you develop skills throughout your career
  • Online CPD support - helping you record CPD activities and download reports
  • Recognised qualifications pathway - a career framework leading to the Certified Management
  • Consultant (CMC) and Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) awards

Offers a programme of networking events, locally, nationally and digitally

  • Online community keeps you updated with the hot topics and issues
  • Regional networking events

Puts industry-leading information resources at your fingertips

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Level of Membership

Whether you are just embarking on a consulting career, an experienced practitioner, or employee of a consulting practice, we support you in all aspects of your working life and career development.

Grade Criteria Stage in career Cost (£)
Affiliate Have demonstrated interest in business consultancy and/or advice
Be a new or aspiring consultant with less than 2 years experience
Be a student where the course of study undertaken is related to consultancy of business advice
Starting out as a consultant with little or no experience
Entry point as an analyst with a large consulting firm researching data and providing information for more senior consultants
Associate Be a practicing consultant or business adviser with 2 years experience
Demonstrate a commitment to CPD
Hold a first degree/IC or CMI Certificate or Diploma in Management Consulting, or equivalent
You might have entered a large consultancy as an experienced hire with 3 years work experience
Business advisers could be working within the private sector or engaging with the public sector
Member Fulfil the criteria for Associate membership plus:
Have a minimum of 3 years consulting/business advice experience
Present a minimum of 2 client references
Provide CPD records
Aim to achieve Chartered status
If you are working for one of the large practices you should expect to be working with clients now sometimes called Manager/Consultants
Business Advisers who are building their network of clients and specialists in business advice
Building your MBA knowledge
Fellow Fulfil the criteria for Member plus:
Be a practicing consultant or adviser at a strategic level
Have a minimum of 10 year consulting experience
Submit evidence in form of a reference from 2 senior clients
Provide CPD records
Demonstrate significant contribution to the profession
Be working at a senior level as a Director or Partner or running your own successful consultancy
Your leadership and decision making skills are making an impact on the profession
You could be a senior business adviser

Practice Membership

Practice membership is open to any organisation offering consulting or advisory services externally or internally.

Practice Members share a commitment to enhancing organisational and people performance through cross-industry debate, support and learning which IC membership - at both an individual and practice level - provides.

Practice Membership is an excellent way of:

  • Demonstrating to your clients and/or your employees your organisation’s professionalism, and commitment to best practice
  • Supporting the professional development and competence of your consulting staff
  • Enhancing your profile in a competitive marketplace
  • Keeping up to date with the latest research and developments within consultancy.

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There are two levels of Practice Membership:

Recognised Practice

Recognised Practices enjoy all the benefits of membership.

They commit to having their consultants as individual members of the Institute and the practice ensures they work to the Institute's Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

Premier Practice

In addition to all the membership benefits. Premier Practices are recognised by the Institute as demonstrating the highest of standards in professional consultancy.

As well as having their individual consultants in Institute membership, Premier Practices also ensure a proportion of those consultants, agreed with us, have achieved the Institute’s award of Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and/or Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC).

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Events & Networking

IC members can access a programme of events  and our Regional networks provide opportunities to network across the UK.

Ethics & Professional Conduct

We have a responsibility as the professional body for consulting to ensure our members uphold the provisions they have agreed to within the Institute of Consulting Code of Professional Conduct and Practice (Institute Code) in order to protect the reputation of all members, the profession and the purchasing community.

All members and practices must adhere to the standards of competence, honesty, integrity and other professional behaviours defined in the new Institute Code.

Membership of a professional body implies that a duty of care is accepted by every one of its members in fulfilling their professional responsibilities. The Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct and Practice, which is binding on all members of the Institute, sets out the professional standards of conduct and competence, as well as the personal values, which members are expected to exemplify.

Terms and conditions of membership

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