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Dear Member

In this edition of your IC newsletter you'll find:

  • the latest edition of our management consulting journal
  • an opportunity to nominate a project for an internationally recognised award
  • how you can get involved in helping us define our future CPD offer for members
  • learn more about delivering training on the ISO 20700 standard
  • a progress update on the Chartered Management Consultant award
  • what the IC of 2020+ may be like

I’m handing over to a new Chair shortly. It’s been fun being your Chair. Thank you.

Kind regards

Ian Watson FCMI FIC
Chair, Institute of Consulting Advisory Committee

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New Edition of Journal

The latest edition of the Management Consulting Journal is now available. This time we take a detailed look at knowledge management consultants, the paradox of PhD graduates and consultancy skills for 2030.

Access the Journal

International Consultant Award Opportunity

Nominations for the 2019 internationally recognised Constantinus Award are due by the 7th July. If you have been involved with an outstanding and/or innovative project or assignment that you’d like to put forward please do let us know. Alternatively if you'd like to nominate others please do so before the 7th July by contacting cmiregionalsupport@managers.org.uk.

The overall UK nomination for the award will be selected from your submissions by the IC judging panel. Final judging for the global award is subsequently undertaken ahead of the winner being announced in October.

Chartered Management Consultant Update

Work on the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) project continues to progress with the intention that the first assessments and awards will start to take place in early 2020. It is pleasing to note that alongside IC we have stakeholders from across the sector actively engaged and committed to pilots in 2020. The full launch which will benefit from the insights provided through the pilots is scheduled for September 2020. Those who already hold the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award will be able to use that qualification to access the ChMC assessment. We’ll provide more detail on this in the autumn.

CPD Opportunities

We’re looking to develop a new series of CPD activities for members and would value your thoughts and opinions on how you’d like to see this delivered. If you’d like to provide your thoughts on subject matter, format of delivery or any other aspect please do contact us on membership@iconsulting.org.uk.

ISO Training

The ICMCI have recently produced a new checklist designed to help consultants utilise the ISO 20700 standard. Certified Management Consultants have the opportunity to become approved trainers in the use of the checklist. The first such training session on this is already sold out on 2nd July in London and so if you’re interested in becoming an approved trainer please contact us on membership@iconsulting.org.uk.

Institute of Consulting 2020

What will our Institute be like in 2020 onwards?

We are a community of about 5,000 people. It may surprise you that we are a younger community than we have ever been. Yes, some like me are elderly dinosaurs, but we now have a very large body of young people. Thanks to our collaboration with the academic world, notably Coventry University, our affiliates now number 3,000. Our task now is to retain them when they complete their courses, and to do so we are building a set of career qualifications. We already have CMC, but in 2020 ChMC will become available.

Our vision is for ChMC to become the standard for the management consultancy industry. The pilot programmes begin in September this year, with mid-sized and large firms, and the main launch will be in autumn 2020. We intend to make the qualification open to individuals in the IC by mid-2020.

We need to change, because professional bodies everywhere have declining membership, but we have the opportunity, thanks to ChMC, to expand greatly. We will continue to carry out the traditional functions of a professional body:

  • CPD is supported by a range of physical meetings and webinars, and by the body of knowledge of Consulting Direct;
  • we defend members interests, most recently by proposing changes to the new tax rules that will come into force in 2020;
  • we now have our own journal, producing thought leadership, and practical help for consultants.

We have some major tasks to come, particularly that we need to get much better at social media. Overall, however, as we approach 2020 our Institute is healthy and active.