IC News March 19

An update of all things IC

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Welcome to our first issue of 2019. I promise there’s no mention of [that word beginning with Br….]!

Our Consulting Direct pages have just been revamped and there’s a large amount of content that can help you in your work and also with your CPD.

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If you’ve recently done a project that you’re particularly proud of, you can enter it into the international competition: the Constantinus Awards.
We have a short update on the ChMC progress.
The proposed new IR35 tax rules are now open for public consultation – these are ones that affect consultants who have their own company.
You can also contribute your opinions on the IC membership offer – we are looking at how to enhance it.

Ian Watson FCMI FIC
Chair, Institute of Consulting Advisory Committee

Consultation on new tax rules

In our December issue, we told you about the HMRC/Treasury proposals to extend the IR35 tax rules. On March 5th, they published a consultation document; this is an open public consultation which closes on May 28th. They are inviting the submission of views on the new rules, and we encourage you to take part in this consultation process, because the new rules will have a substantial effect on most of our members.

We intend to contribute our views as an Institute, but direct submissions by individual members will help to influence the outcome. HMRC does not seem to have understood the extent of the effects on single-person consultancy businesses or on SME consultancies, and without input from our members they may well proceed with the proposed new rules without modifications. The HMRC document is presented in a somewhat misleading manner: it asserts that the 1.5 million smallest businesses will not be affected, but, as we understand it, that is only true for businesses that are buying services (such as consultancy), and is not true for businesses that are selling services. So your consultancy company will be affected by the new rules. Please do send your views to HMRC.

View the consultation document

Newly refreshed ConsultingDirect

We've recently upgraded ConsultingDirect your online portal for great content to support both your projects and clients. The navigation has been improved as a result of user research and extensive testing and the site is now responsive so that you can access it from any device.


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We're looking for truly outstanding results

The annual Constantinus Award that recognises outstanding consultancy projects is now open for nominations. We know that many of our members are engaged in significant projects and making a real difference on a daily basis. We'd love to hear about your outstanding projects and if you'd like to put yourself or somebody else forward please get in touch before the 1st June 2019 via cmiregionalsupport@managers.org.uk.


More about Constantinus International

Chartered Management Consultant moves closer

Work continues on the development of the Chartered Management Consultant award. Recent work includes finalising the competency framework and preparations are now taking place around the assessment process building towards launching pilots in late 2019 and early 2020.

Improving your membership

We are currently reviewing our membership offer with the aim of improving the value that we bring to you. We'd be delighted to have your views on this and if you would like to contribute please do let us know via membership@iconsulting.org.uk