So you're thinking of becoming a consultant?

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Taking that step to become a consultant can be daunting, although you possess all of the skills and expertise that you need to succeed, consultancy and self employment is a completely new world. We have designed a step by step guide, to help you achieve your career goals and to support you on your journey along the way.

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Step 1

If you aren’t already, join the IC for access to all the resources you need to support you in your consultancy career.

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Step 2

View our ‘So you’re thinking of becoming a consultant?’ webinar completely free - this is an introductory session about taking those first steps in your consultancy career.

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Step 3

You can book onto one of our short half day seminar, which will explore setting up a consultancy business in more depth.

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Step 4

As a consultant, it is important that you are ISO20700 approved to ensure you are meeting the international standards of quality and ensuring that you are providing a service which delivers transparency and trust to your clients. Take this short course and receive your award, which will boost your credibility as a professional consultant.

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Step 5

Finally, you can formalise all of your skills by taking one of our recognised consulting qualifications.

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