Menopause in the workplace

Supporting the women we work with through their careers

Increased rates of employment among women aged 50 and over mean that more working women than ever before will experience the menopause.

So what can we all do to ensure those going through the menopause feel supported in their workplace?

Why menopause is a business issue

Menopause symptoms, along with a culture of silence, are affecting women’s progression in the workplace. Research in the financial services sector, for example, found that for nearly half of women and trans men, symptoms made them less likely to want to apply for a promotion, whilst a quarter of employees said their experience has made them more likely to leave the workforce before retirement.

Managers and leaders should lead by example and enable good conversations about menopause, to understand what it is, how it can affect an employee and how businesses can help find the right support. It is therefore important to make menopause a normal health matter to talk about in the workplace, as it gives employees the confidence to ask for help and support if they need it.

I think the worst part of being a menopausal woman at work, is that I frequently suffer from brain fog, where I start a sentence and really don’t know how it is going to end! When your main job is to liaise with and present to clients, this can be really disruptive. Fortunately, I am not embarrassed to be a “woman of a certain age” so I will always explain if this happens, but not every woman feels comfortable being so open!

Sue Wright, Senior EPA Engagement Manager, CMI

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