Management Transformed

Managing in a Marathon Crisis

Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis is a CMI research project exploring the extraordinary challenges and new ways of working that emerged in 2020.

In August 2020, CMI polled nearly 2,300 senior leaders, managers and employees. At a moment of unprecedented change, Management Transformed seeks to understand how managers are coping in this marathon crisis, how work and management responsibilities are changing, and the proven approaches that all managers and leaders need to know.

For further information on our work on workplace disruption, check out Management 4.0.

Our Key Findings

When we started the project, we assumed that location – if you work remotely, in the workplace, or in a hybrid way – would play a pivotal role in the overall success of an organisation. We also thought that rising or falling demand for an organisation’s goods or services would make a difference.

It turns out we were wrong. Despite a mass shift to remote working, our research actually shows it’s not where we work that determines our productivity and job satisfaction; it’s how we’re managed and led.

of employees now work remotely or in a hybrid way
of those surveyed say that communicating clearly is the most important trait during pandemic
of senior leaders report employees are more involved in decision making
of managers say the productivity of their direct reports has increased
of employees rated wellbeing as the top priority for 2021
of employees said overall workplace culture had improved or stayed the same

What you need to know

In this marathon crisis, we’ve seen innovative workarounds and new norms established across every aspect of managing and leading. To make our findings more digestible, we’ve split them into four themes that cover everything you need to know to become an effective marathon manager.

Trust and Productivity

Learn how building trust in the workplace can improve productivity

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Communication and Wellbeing

Understand the traits and priorities that managers need to focus on

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Culture and Employee Engagement

Explore the relationship between culture and employee engagement

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Diversity and Inclusion

Examine the trends shaping diversity in the workplace

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Practical Resources

It isn’t enough to understand the transformation of management - better managers and leaders need to take action in their roles and their workplaces today.

That’s why CMI has collated practical resources, so you can leverage the insight our data provides and translate it into real impact for your career and your organisation.

Use the menu on the right to jump to resources specific to each of our four themes.

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Topic: Crisis Management

Managing a Marathon Crisis: What can we learn?

CMI’s Management Transformed study provides vital insights for managers beyond the Covid-19 crisis

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Topic: Governance

How to be the kind of leader people trust

Exercising ‘informal power’ is the way to get things done, but trust is hard to acquire and easy to lose

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Topic: Personal Development

Me, Myself, and My Mentor: A how-to guide for beginners

Mentors. Sponsors. Coaches. How can they help your career? How do you get started? Where do you find the right person?

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Topic: Mental Health and Wellbeing

How to manage work-related insecurity and anxiety

As Coronavirus takes hold, stress and anxiety are becoming a part of everyday life. Managers can make a positive difference

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Our Contributors

Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis, is brought to life by the examples and lived experiences of practicing managers. CMI’s immense gratitude goes to the Management Transformed Steering Group and to the managers and leaders who gave their time to provide case studies.

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Managing through this crisis has given leaders a glimpse of what the future of work holds. Our primary goal with Management Transformed is to provide practical advice to best prepare managers for the future, and I'm very proud of the response the project has had to date. Publication of the report is only the beginning - the challenge now is both to learn the lessons of this crisis and to seize some of the opportunities it has presented, so we are better prepared to face ongoing uncertainty and flourish in the future.

Bruce Carnegie-Brown Cmgr CCMI, Chair of the Management Transformed Steering Group, and Immediate Past President, CMI

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