Diversity and Inclusion

Marathon managers are committed to inclusivity

With everything else that is happening in the workplace today, it has never been more important to prioritise equality, diversity and inclusion.

Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis is a CMI research project exploring the extraordinary challenges and new ways of working that emerged in 2020.

Our Key Findings

In August 2020, CMI polled nearly 2,300 senior leaders, managers and employees to understand their experience of managing during the pandemic.

The headlines from our findings around equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) were:

  • Although staff from diverse ethnic groups were more likely to think that workplace culture had improved since March 2020 than UK employees as a whole there are still EDI challenges.
  • Black employees prioritise workplace diversity much more than all UK employees (39% vs. 7%). More worryingly. Black employees are more likely than any other ethnic group to feel their manager didn’t trust them to undertake their job role.
  • Flexibility is key for women with children looking to the future: these women are also more likely than their male peers to miss the quiet of the office. Women with children have less contact with their managers, than men with children.
  • Gen Z (the latest cohort to join the workforce) have similar workplace concerns as other generations, but they are more likely to miss the change to the daily routine when home working. Understandably their major priority now is around job security.

You can find more detail on these findings below.

Management Transformed Report

The research underpinning this study was conducted when management was on ‘high alert’, and managers’ capabilities were under unprecedented pressure and scrutiny. That makes this snapshot particularly powerful.

For each theme, the report sets out the practical steps that aspiring managers, middle managers and senior leaders should take, to learn from the experience of this marathon crisis.

Because after all, we know the future success of UK businesses will depend on how managers and leaders step up to the next set of challenges.

Read the report to see what you can learn today.

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Our Detailed Findings

Here we unpack some of the report’s key data insights and the experience of practicing managers.

Workplace Culture

Our research shows that staff from diverse ethnic groups were more likely to think that workplace culture and workplace inclusivity had improved since Covid-19 than UK employees as a whole. 48% thought that workplace culture had got better, compared to 34% of all UK employees; and, 46% thought inclusivity had got better, compared to 29% of all UK employees.

However, only 10% of all UK employees ranked the diversity of their organisation’s workforce as a critical workplace priority before the pandemic, compared with 39% of Black employees; and this dropped to 7% and 35% respectively as we emerged from the first lockdown.

Take a look at CMI Race’s recent publication: Moving the Dial on Race, a Guide to Workplace Inclusion, for the practical steps that every manager should take to improve equality in their workplace.

Flexible working for Mothers

Although flexible working is now universally important, it is particularly important for women with children. Of those working virtually, 69% of women with children wanted to work at least one day from home when the pandemic ends, compared to 56% of men with children.

CMI Women is a network of individuals committed to great gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. Take a look at it’s webpage to see how you can get involved, and look out for upcoming CMI Women Events

Priorities for Gen Z

What drives the next generation? Generation (Gen) Z, along with Millennials, are often considered to be more concerned with values and ethics than other generations. However, our findings have revealed that the prevalent narrative around purpose has been overtaken in the current crisis by real concerns around job security and support.

If you’re an aspiring manager looking to get a headstart on your career, have you considered joining CMI’s Future Leader network? Take a look for content, events and networking opportunities tailored for your stage of career.

Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

We have collated a number of resources to help you put into action the practical findings from Management Transformed around Diversity and Inclusion. You can find these below.

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