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CMI North East, Yorkshire and Humberside is the local professional development and networking platform for CMI members who live or work in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside region. Our professional CMI volunteers from the Regional Board are responsible for developing and delivering local activities and/or seminars designed for all CMI members within our region.

We fully support the aims and objectives of the CMI and the importance of leadership and management for individuals and organisations committed to professional and responsible leadership. In that regard, and at a local level, our focus continues to be our members within North East, Yorkshire and Humberside.

We work closely with CMI and all our CMI regions to support members in their development of management and leadership competencies and in the growth of their professional networks. We work with members to organise events in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside which are relevant to them, to share information using a range of media and to build links with other professional bodies, higher education institutions, employers and other community partners.

Delroy Beverley CCMI Delroy Beverley CCMI Chairman

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