Disability in the Workplace

Why is Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace important? There is a persistent disability employment gap in the UK. Data shows only half of people with disabilities are in employment compared with more than 80% of non-disabled people. Yet CMI's research found only 22% of those who recognised this gap said their organisation was taking steps to increase representation of people living with disabilities.

The Workplace in Review: Disability

We need tangible actions to overcome the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from participating in the economy. What more can employers and managers do to utilise all the talent available in our workforce?

The key to inclusive leadership is to learn from lived experiences of disability in the workplace. In this documentary, participants share their real testimonials on making necessary adjustments to create accessible workplaces.

Disability Discussion Paper

Disability in the Workplace

Disabled people face clear barriers to success in work.

  • Disabled people have lower employment rates
  • Disabled people are less likely to work as managers, directors and senior officials or in professional occupations than non-disabled people
  • Disabled people also continue to face a higher risk of being long-term unemployed which can reduce employability as it impacts on skills and knowledge
  • When in employment, there is a clear pay gap between disabled and non-disabled employees.

In our discussion paper, Disability in the Workplace, we take a look at the findings from our research and the steps managers and leaders can take to create truly inclusive workplaces.

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