Are you a manager living or working in the Southern Region of England?

You can become part of our Southern network, interact with managers in your area using the online discussion areas, take part continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and attend a range of events throughout the year (open to all CMI members).

The Southern Region covers Dorset, South Wiltshire, Hampshire, part of West Sussex, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.



 Board Members

Contact our chair Lois Farquharson CMgr FCMI.

Contact our deputy chair David Sullivan CMgr FCMI and the Southern regional board. 

If you would like to support the work of  the board or one of its working groups, contact us.

Members in the Region who would be willing to have their successful or innovative management and leadership practices featured in one of our 
communications, or who would be interested in writing an informed management piece, please contact our Communications group.

We are pleased to continue working alongside members who have sent in ideas for future projects and suggestions for how CMI thought leadership campaigns can be highlighted in workplaces and amongst colleagues. We have strong volunteer groups in the region and are delighted to be able to involve more members in ad-hoc or specific projects in the coming year. These will continue to provide opportunities for members to share their professional expertise in the ongoing development of management and leadership and undertake CPD.

The region is working on its medium and longer term plans, and is seeking further contributions for projects to:

- highlight the value of mentoring at different career stages and how to access CMI mentoring. This is part of a wider focus on learning and development.

- enhance membership engagement – developing ways for how the CMI nationally and regionally can support its members and examples of how you use your membership for your own professional development and benefit of your organisation and teams

- help members engage with the variety of communication channels available for them and take part in management and leadership campaigns

- promote management and leadership development and support for members in small and micro businesses and organisations in the region.

We have a number of working groups in these and other areas. If you would be willing to be interviewed by the volunteers in these groups, provide a leadership case study example, or contribute to an event, please email us on CMI Southern 

If you are a CMI member in the region and would like to be involved in the board's volunteer working groups, please send expressions of interest initially to Networks Support at