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Developing the world’s strongest pipeline of female managers and leaders

CMI is all about developing and enabling brilliant leaders; giving them the management skills they need to fulfill their own potential and unlock the potential of others.

This commitment is based on the knowledge that diversity plays a fundamental role in good leadership and management . We encourage our male counterparts to also be agents of change and to become everyday champions of women at work, and to help drive organisational strategies for balance.

That's why CMI Women exists. We want organisations to embrace gender diversity and put it at the heart of their agenda and business practice.

Bubbles reading: Enable organisations to create high performing, balanced teams; Empower emerging women leaders to unlock their potential; Effect a change in the attitudes and behaviours of men and women.

What is CMI Women Network

Whilst the proportion of women on boards across the FTSE 100 has almost tripled in the last decade, very few women occupy an executive director role, and women are still not getting the top jobs. According to the Female FTSE Board report (2021), there are just eight female CEOs across the FTSE 100, and around 13.7% of female executive directors. Simply put, around 9 in 10 of FTSE 100 CEOs are men, which clearly needs to change.

We provide our members with networking and event opportunities, access to support through CMI’s Career Development Centre, cutting-edge research and mentoring platform.

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Upcoming CMI Women Events

CMI Women host a variety of physical and digital events across the nation, from inspirational speakers to inspirational speakers to practical ways to be Better Managers and achieve gender balance in management. Take a look at the upcoming CMI Women events, and register a place for you or your team today.

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Resources for Gender Equality

CMI’s knowledge and insights is home to our cutting-edge research, policy work and management insights, keeping you at the forefront of discussions. Take a look at the latest tools, tips and resources surrounding gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

More Equality and Diversity Insights

Blueprint for Balance

Blueprint for Balance is an innovative open source tool, offering tools, tips and discussion to help to promote diversity in the workplace. Please share your resources and learn from others.

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Bridging the Gender Pay Gap – Research Recommendations

Read King’s College London’s report which provides recommendations to improve gender pay gap reporting legislation.

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Workplace equality isn’t improving – it’s getting worse

Here are all the reasons why you need to take action for gender equality in the workplace, and how to get started

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What does best-practice Gender Pay Gap reporting look like?

For some companies, gender pay gap reporting is a legal requirement, but how do you make this data lead to actionable change?

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iQualify Event

Live Webinar discussing the issues that commonly recur across the debate on gender balance.

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Topic: Equality and Diversity

“Mid-life for women is where ageism meets sexism”

Senior women nurture workforces, and have the clout to force change – so why are many organisations dispensing with them?

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“It’s hard to be what you can’t see”: Making female leaders more visible

Women leaders are hungry for inspiration and want to learn how to navigate the uneven professional playing field

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International Women’s Day advice: How to own your career

We spoke to influential and inspirational women from the CMI community for their stories of building career success

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‘Defeat that gremlin’: how to overcome self-doubt

It can be called self-doubt, imposter syndrome, even self-sabotage. We’ve all felt it some time but we can beat it

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