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Tuesday 01 December 2020
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20 January 2021

Hello all,

Well, this week we’ve already overcome Blue Monday – renowned for being the most depressing day of the year. We loved Samaritans’ idea of turning it into Brew Monday – don’t worry if you’ve not done it yet, why not reach out and have a cuppa with a colleague sometime this week? It’s so important to check in with your staff, peers, and friends and family – not only for their mental health but for your own. Don’t forget that CMI’s mental health and wellbeing hub is full of resources and advice on managing through a difficult time.

In our latest Better Managers Briefing you can find out how one NHS trust, led by Karamjit Singh CBE, has supported its staff over the past year while leading through the eye of the storm – read about their motivation techniques, communication styles, and ‘wobble rooms’ here.

Other exclusive articles we’re publishing this week for CMI members are:

Don’t forget, our latest issue of CMI’s member magazine is still available to read. Earmarked it for later but are yet to read it? Stick the kettle on and dive in now.

I hope your week is productive and enjoyable.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership


12 January 2021

Hello all,

This week we’re running a CMI member poll about an important issue: how you, as managers and leaders, can drive economic recovery in the UK. We’re hopeful this research will get significant media coverage. As always, we value your input hugely, thank you! There are several links to the poll on your Better Managers newsletter. (If you don’t receive the newsletter, you can sign up here.)

In other news this week:

We have a fantastic series of virtual events to inspire you in the weeks ahead. This week we also have an exciting guest for our Friday #BetterManagers Briefing: Karamjit Singh CBE CCMI CMgr, chair of University Hospital NHS Trust in Leicester, talks to us about the heroic work done by the health sector in the pandemic and how to lead in the eye of the storm.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership



6 January 2021

Happy new year everyone.

It has been a tough start to the new year with fresh lockdowns and restrictions announced across the UK and in many areas across the world.  There are however many reasons to be positive: the vaccination programme is under way,; and as managers and leaders, we learned a lot during 2020 and we must continue to apply those lessons in 2021. If you’re seeking inspiration, we’ve gathered the views of CMI members who are looking forward to 2021 with fresh determination.

Our chief executive Ann Francke OBE also shares encouraging words in her New Year message.

Here are some more highlights to kick off 2021:

We always love hearing CMI members’ stories so please continue to share your insights and experiences throughout the year.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership


22 December 2020

This year hasn’t been easy. Our members have experienced loss, grief, and personal and professional upheavals. I sincerely hope that being part of the CMI community has helped you, and that our resources, insights and stories have been valuable this year. Our redundancy support service, mental health and wellbeing hub, 360 CV Review service, and CMI mentoring remain available over the holiday period.

Despite the pandemic, for us at CMI there have been reasons to celebrate:

Throughout the year, CMI members have been incredibly supportive. Thank you again  for responding to our polls, which genuinely have set the agenda around management and leadership. Here’s how The Times last week covered your views on the protracted Brexit negotiations.

Deal, no deal, here’s the real deal: from all of us at CMI, we hope you and your families have a peaceful holiday season. Thanks for all you’ve done at the toughest of times.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership


15 December 2020

The CMI team is hard at work to make sure you have the resources you need to manage over Christmas and at the tail-end of a difficult year – including our Chartered Manager of the Year’s inspiring conversation with Ann Francke.

Our latest member magazine launched last week and features new insights about best-practice hybrid working; advice on keeping your culture in a contact-free world; and an exclusive interview with legendary MOBO founder Kanya King. Dive in now.

We are  delighted to see CMI's Level 3 Business Management course included in the UK government Lifetime Skills Guarantee. Although the detail is still to be worked out it's good to see the UK government recognise the importance of management and leadership  development. We continue to advocate for these core skills to be embedded at all levels of education.

CMI’s head of policy Daisy Hooper also recently attended the BEIS Select Committee session to relay member views and experiences on Brexit preparedness, the impact of Covid-19 and priorities for the UK’s industrial strategy. Thank you to everyone who shared their views.

We're also interested in your new year resolutions – what do you plan to do differently in 2021? We'd love to get your thoughts, which could end up being one of our featured member stories.

Later this week we’ll be releasing in-depth data that underpinned our recent CMI Race: Moving the Dial report; we hope you’ll find this valuable.

Finally, please let us know what you think of our new-look newsletter which launched this week, we value your views.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership


8 December 2020

Some people are calling today ‘V Day’ because the Coronavirus vaccine is being rolled out in the UK as we speak. Let's hope this is the turning point in this dreadful crisis.

We’ve been listening actively to the CMI community: in our latest Managers Voice poll, 54% of you reported that your organisations would return to normal, pre-Covid operations by at least the end of 2021; and 58% of managers didn’t expect their organisation to make redundancies in the remainder of 2020 or 2021.

And you seem to want a Brexit deal: 63% of managers said that the best outcome for their organisation’s economic prospects was a deal.

Your views really are setting the agenda. The Economist featured CMI’s Management Transformed research on 3 December: “Executives need to tailor their behaviour to individual employees’ needs,” they commented. We agree!

Two great CMI member stories to share with you this week: Pamela Jary’s first-hand advice on managing mental health; and Delroy Beverley’s powerful piece about experiencing workplace racism. You can also catch Delroy in this Friday’s Better Managers briefing with John Board  Dean of Henley Business School.

Also check out Ann Francke’s conversation with Manisha Mistry, our Chartered Manager of the Year 2020. Manisha is a stellar example of an inspiring leader – we can all learn a lot from her.

We’re also interested in your new year resolutions – what do you plan to do differently in 2021? We’d love to get your thoughts, which could end up being one of our featured member stories.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership


1 December 2020

Welcome to December! As we start this month we’re in planning and self-reflection mode, looking for how we use learnings from this left-field year to build a positive 2021.

If you do need to take stock of your career, I recommend CMI’s event with Kate Grussing CCMI, in which she'll share best-practice job search tips. This follows the superb CMI Women 50th anniversary celebrations that took place last week where we heard from incredible leaders such as Paul Polman, Alison Rose and our President Lord Mark Price.

If you’d like to share your own reflections on what you plan to do differently in 2021, please do reach out. We’re always excited to hear the stories from within our community – indeed, we have an article on reflective practices by Darren Bayley CMgr and Dr Serge Koukpaki CMgr in today’s newsletter.

Thanks all – if you’re lucky enough to be coming out of lockdown restrictions, I hope you have a great week ahead.

Stay safe,

Matt Roberts, director of membership

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